Ellie the Ellie is a fun, curious and likable elephant. Ellie the Ellie brings friendly, inclusive and fun episodes for children of pre-school age. Kids can learn how wonderful the world of Ellie the Ellie is and how Ellie solves problems with thoughtful ideas designed to include all of her friends, even when they have difficulties because of their own individual capabilities. The Ellie the Ellie IP lends itselve well to all types of products because of her simplicity in design and appeal.

Shorts can be seen every day on the Dutch public broadcaster on TV at NPO Zappelin!


A new format 26 x 6 minutes animation series is in production. The new Ellie series has been given a powerful message: by telling stories about equality and justice starring Ellie the Ellie, we can reach young children and convey a clear and powerful message of inclusion. We show an inclusive world where attention to individual qualities, cooperation and respect play a role. The new series will be offered on an international level. Recently the new series  (ready in 2024 -2025) has been pre-bought by NPO and SVT.

Behind the scenes

Ellie the Ellie was created by Dutch designer Ellen Langendam, also known by the popular characters Nurdys (Studio100).

Ellen was asked to supervise 3 students from Media College Amsterdam. Under her guidance, the talented students passed their animation exam. They focused on creation, theory and practice and brought Ellie the Ellie to life with their animations.